Web Site Planning Services


We assist people in web site planning. We draw on data from analytics, competitive analysis, customer research, and considerations for SEO and online ads.

Often companies will develop a new web site, then ask a consultant to optimize the site. Or, they will launch a new web site, then decide they want to advertise in search engines. In either case, they will wind up paying more and getting less than if they had planning for search engine optimization and online ads from the start of the web site project. An analogy: it is like building a three story house, then after the house is completed deciding there should be a master bath on the third story, even though there were no pipes above the second story. 

Web site planning saves time and money in the long run. Here are more specifics of how Marketek can help:

  • Analyze web site data from the current web site to identify what's working and what needs improvement
  • Assess priority target audiences, discussing what content is needed for each audience
  • Prepare link plans for both internal and external  linking
  • Identify landing pages for ads 

Our Approach 

All four steps are important.  Often people focus only on outlining which pages they want on the site. They don't plan for how they will attract visitors, or where they want people to go next within the site.  We partner with designers, web site developers and web hosting companies to work on these steps. We can also conduct competitive analysis, interview stakeholders and write requirements documents. We have assisted optimization clients in travel, B2b and B2C ecommerce, health care, professional services, software and technology, real estate and other areas.  Please contact us to get started with your web site planning. 

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