Search Engine Optimization


Search engines are an incredible marketing tool. Where else do interested customers go as often to find solutions? Marketek can assist with developing sites that are search engine friendly and with traffic generation programs that use search engines.

We focus on three outcomes:

  1. Obtaining top positions in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other engines when appropriate
  2. Managing the text that appears in the search engine results
  3. Ensuring landing pages have the right content for visitors

All three outcomes matter. Often people focus only on positions. This is only the starting point. We often see sites that have great positions, but the descriptive text that appears in Google's listings is unreadable.  And if the page people land on is dated or irrelevant, the visitor may not take the time to go to a better page, they may just leave the site.

Our Approach

We approach optimization projects by first conducting a benchmark assessment, determining whether there's room for improvement, and what will be needed to realize that improvement.

We can then provide a mix of implementation and training to help our clients build a sustainable, profitable long - term presence in the engines. We do not use spam techniques and have never had a client removed from the engines .

We have assisted optimization clients in travel, B2b and B2C ecommerce, health care, professional services, software and technology, real estate and other areas.  Please contact us to get started with a benchmark assessment or with search engine optimization.

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