Paid Search Advertising: Google Ads Management


If you're working with paid ads in Google or elsewhere, do you have a nagging sense it is like asking a casino how much you should bet, or what the risks are? Do you feel like the money is just disappearing?

We can assist with both training services, so you can run the campaigns yourself, or direct management if that's what you prefer.  Either way, if you're currently advertising in Google or other search engines, we start with an audit and assessment. If you're not advertising, we will help set up a plan. We then develop recommendations focused on:

  • Driving qualified traffic
    • Get the right people to your site
  • Reducing or minimizing waste on irrelevant terms 
  • Building your brand and reinforcing your organic search results
  • Keeping in mind both short-term and long-term considerations
  • Ensuring the landing pages have the right content for visitors
    • Communicate key messages and invite them to take a next step


Our Approach

We provide a mix of implementation and training to help our clients build a sustainable, profitable long - term presence in the paid search listings.   You can think of us as a "buyer broker." There are times when optimization and pay per click are not in your company's best interest. We will tell you so up front. This is very different than a stereotypical agency approach that says "we sell this service, so everyone needs it." 

One disadvantage of pay per click is the potential for fraud or wasted clicks. We monitor this closely. In one case, we were brought in to help a major technology company. We found nearly 40% of the company's total pay per click spending was a waste.

We have assisted paid search clients in travel, B2B and B2C ecommerce, health care, professional services, software and technology, real estate and other areas.  Please contact us to get started with an audit or an appropriate mix of training and management services.

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