Web Analytics Consulting


There are literally hundreds of data points about a web site recorded every day by analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other analytics products. The amount of information is overwhelming.

With our web analytics consulting, we help clients: 


  • Make sure their analytics tools are set up correctly
  • Identify the big picture: how is their site working for visitors?
  • Find areas where site visitors seem to have problems when visiting the site
  • Track trends that point out opportunities for increased sales, decreased costs or web site improvements
  • Ensure the landing page has the right content for visitors
  • Create reports that provide actionable insights
  • Set up an ongoing Analytics plan


Our Approach

 We can train people to create their own reports and ongoing or ad-hoc analytics reports. We can also set up a monthly, quarterly or annual plan for reporting. And we can prepare one-time reports that provide specific insights when a company is redoing its web site.

We have assisted  clients in travel, B2b and B2C ecommerce, health care, professional services, software and technology, real estate and other areas.  Please
contact us to get started with an audit or an appropriate mix of analytics training and reporting services.

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